Welcome to the Limbo Lounge

I wish I were thinner and while we're at it More attractive, too In fact I wish I were anyone else but me Except for you Maybe I'll stick my finger down my throat And sail away in the vomit As the acid dissolves the boat Even the Hassidics wear all black here With fedoras to match I try to look like everybody else And I can't even do that Welcome to the Limbo Lounge I'll be here all night Where it's always Happy Hour So you'll never leave Except no one here looks happy But the mustachioed bartender Steve And the band only plays Phil Collins And just the recent stuff And I'll pay my tab, by God Just as soon as I've had enough

So Right/So Wrong

VERSE The city will kick you Make you decide who You want to be And who you are They get a big kick Out of laying it on thick 'Till you can hardly see Your way through the song REFRAIN Oh, I'm so right Oh, I'm so wrong VERSE 2 The conversation turns I smell the rubber burn As we swerve back through The dark lane of the past You're like the mayor here Here, have another beer It's the least I can do For making sure history lasts REFRAIN Oh, I'm so right Oh, I'm so wrong BRIDGE You've got it easy You're hesitant to guess Your soft-spotted skull Your desk-chair-shaped ass Living in an arrested development With a two-car garage Where the weeds all kill themselves After washing your car VERSE 3 I can't decide Whether to hide Or to go down swinging But I'd like it if you came along But you're stuck in the mud Chewing your cud And I'm out here singing And I can't remember the words to the song REFRAIN Oh, I'm so right Oh, I'm so wrong REPEAT


V1 You left the party loaded again Your local morning show's on at 7 am A dude on each arm/sharing a thimble of charm wondering what you're gonna do with them But it always ends up the same Different faces in a familiar game This am TV star/won't take it too far No, she wouldn't want to sully her name CHORUS So lay there and look at the ceiling As you try to erase the feeling That your life's become nothing But a Lifetime movie scene Who's dry-humping you now, Sherriene? V2 It all began innocent enough Too modest to be seen in the buff As for baseball star Jim/it was good enough for him So you laid back and let him do his stuff But you always thought that one of these days You'd have to change you prudish, passive ways You avoided being a slut/but got stuck in a rut Now the last 20 years are just a vibrating haze CHORUS So lay there and look at the ceiling As you try to erase this feeling Back in college it was Darren Who helped keep your sofa clean Who's dry-humping you now, Sherriene? BRIDGE As you toss it to the weather And the red light blinks off Your smile fades away And through the inane banter And the pet adoption segment You mind wanders/to a happier day And you wonder/if it'll ever be that way again INST. SOLO V3 And now the time has come, like it or not For shitting or for getting off the pot 'Cause nothing is scarier than/a virgin septagenerian And you might as well get some use out of the lingerie you bought CHORUS So lay there and look at the ceiling As you try to erase the feeling Say goodbye Virgin Mary Hello Magdalene Who's dry-humping you now, Sherriene?

For My Heart (and all the bereft)

If you listen closely you can hear my blood boil and I'm just about out of schemes for you to foil it seems you've got it in for me and you have from the start I'd tell you to go fuck yourself if i had even half a heart left so this song's for my heart and all the bereft This is not the way things were supposed to go this choose-your-own-adventure book took a wrong turn long ago now it seems I'm always the answer to 'which of these don't belong?' if you're even still there by now you must've gone deaf so this song's for my heart and all the bereft Bit by bit it's been ripped away, dissolved in acid, ridden with decay I tried to make it on without it but i couldn't make it through the day it's only thanks to a baboon I'm standing here today I look around and I can see other hollow folks who've met the same fate I hope at least our hearts are somewhere on display, like in a cupboard on crystal plates I just wanted to make sure my life wasn't all-for-naught I just wanted to put this down with the thimble of juice I got left This song's for my heart and all the bereft

'Till the Sun

The clouds cover over Everything we try to do Sometimes I feel I shouldn't bother Wasting my time Waiting up for you The summer has left us And taken the soles from our shoes The white line divides A fraction We can't reduce But I'll watch over you I'll watch over you I'll watch over you 'Till the sun turns blue Now I'm here alone In the dark again I've swallowed the phone So I can't hear From my old friends You say you're away Getting your head on straight But beware the Ides of May 'Cause I'll find you Soon or late Yeah, I'll watch over you I'll watch over you I'll watch over you 'Till the sun turns blue This mess, this wreck This old bounced check This carpet bomb, this false alarm Me and you, what can we do But march along Pretending the song we sing Isn't ending soon

Like Blind People Do

If the treadmill stopped And I flew off At least I'd be going someplace Right now I'm stuck in park And it's getting so dark I can barely make out your face I'll have to feel with my finger Like blind people And keep on faking it Just to make it through It would take me a while But I think I'd learn go on Without you Maintain order Check IDs at the border Got to keep the strangers out The hidden recorder Tapes vacationers in Florida Just to see what all the is about I'll have to listen with m,y ears Like blind people do And keep on drinking Just to make it through It would take me about a week But then I'd learn to go on Without you How come I cry more than you? How come you kill things in your sleep And then claim it's not true? Oh, what in the world Have I gotten myself into? 'Goodnight again' I say to the friend I keep in my head for a laugh I'll be up again soon Just as soon as the moon Has finished its epitaph And I'll taste with my mouth Like blind people do And keep on disappointing People like you I would try all my life But I don't think I'll Make it through

O.J. (Forget About It All)

I'm gonna hang myself and haunt you I don't know what to do To get you to listen To pay attention I'm gonna light myself on fire And swing and dangle from a wire In front of your window Until I'm a cinder Why don't get it? Why do you sweat it? The book says 'it's all small' So let's go to the mall And I'll buy you an Orange Julius And we'll forget about it all again

A Message From Your Long Beach Circus Recruitment Office

Verse Long Beach represent Can't you see I'm pitching a tent The circus is in town And we're missing on critical clown There's too much room in the little car no one's manning the seltzer jar The kids aren't having nightmares There's still some un-shitted diapers Pre-Chorus We've got a show to do And your foot fits the floppy shoe Chorus So strap on your nose, you know what to do Here's a multi-colored afro wig for you Draw on your smile so no one sees you frown Or can tell that behind the greasepaint you're thinking or burning this town Bridge Why are you so unhappy, kid Is it something that Bingo or Slappy did Did they muscle in on your spotlight Abscond with your applause Before you strangle them with your plastic tie, remember You get to leave, but they're stuck here 'till they die Verse 2 You've done you're duty, you can make your flight But it's always so sad on closing night As you make your dash for the exit You'll be a sad clown once you left it But we'll still be here next time 'round Stop by and see us if you're ever in town We'll give you a guest spot with a top hat and cape And tell everyone you're the one that escaped Pre-Chorus We've got a show to do We just need another fool like you Chorus So strap on your nose, you know what to do Here's a multi-colored afro wig for you Draw on your smile so no one sees you frown Or can tell that behind the greasepaint you're thinking or burning this town Down to its rotten, filthy ground

Clu Gulager

Doing nothing productive Doing nothing but time Wasting my precious days In line to get in line I'm twiddling my thumbs In an overstuffed chair I've got an itch But my toe's way over there I'm glued to my seat Or is it glued to me Watching the clouds pass And change shape with the breeze See, that one's now a gun And it's pointing at me It's the day of the living dead It's the night of the cursed The hangman is here And his role is well-rehearsed For the crime of indifference You'll go to the grave You're long past redemption No chance to be saved No, today isn't special No matter how you try Today's just another day You're just another guy But you still write it down To pass the time To distract your stubborn brain From thinking of how you're dying And how you won't have left Anything new when you've gone So I guess we'll be seeing you Next time you pass through Here's hoping by then You've learned how to find Something to do

Heather's On Fire

He made the varsity lacrosse team He said he did it just for her He likes her purple JanSport She liked his model of Jupiter They love to pass in the hallway They love to pass notes in class She sends him love through her pom-poms And he says she has the best ass in school Heather's on fire But it's not for you But you love her Dentene smell And the balls on the ends of her socks She likes that you do her Pre-Calc You used to be friends when she lived down the block She loves his wispy mustache He said he grew it just for her You hate his crucifix necklace And the way he doesn't deserve her like you do Heather's on fire And you don't know what to do Heather's on fire Heather's on fire Yeah, she's feelin' A tinglin' As she's fingerin' A Pringle, and He's making his spoon and tater tots Into a catapult And when the flames Of the Homecoming blaze Are reflected in her face You can see that she's Finally gone and changed Her Purity Test results Heather's on fire Heather's on fire (repeat)

Never Had My Heart Broken

VERSE 1 I've been trampled to death by oxen In the bottom of the sea I've fallen from the Sears Tower Without benefit of wings And I lost every race Everyone said I'd win But I never had my heart broken Because I never let anyone in VERSE 2 I lost all my limbs in a thresher and take morphine for the phantom pain I saw God in a bog of Funyons And then I went insane I lost my eye in the circus Learning to juggle guns But I never had my heart broken Because I never loved anyone BRIDGE I made a deal with the devil I never have regretted I got off at the nearest exit When he told me where the road was headed Now you can stare in wonder and ask How I keep smiling through the pain Or you can look back and ask yourself If you wouldn't have done the same. INSTRUMENTAL VERSE 3 I had a birthday party everyday And vacationed on the moon I lived a hundred lifetimes And the end still ain't coming anytime soon I had money for nothin' And all my chicks were free But I never had my heart broken Because no one ever loved me

The Alchemist

It seems like the weather's always Over you You're bound and going down With a cement shoe And the vastness peeks through The crack in your chimney flue And you can see you've missed out Missed out on a thing or two You killed off all the good parts Left in me By showing me things I was never Meant to see Then denied me my right Of reciprocity Then went off with your tail With you tail between your knees The time has come for you And me To admit there was no cherry tree Yeah, we can tell lies And indeed we do Me to me And you to you But we can also spin Shit into gold It's one of the things They should've told you So that you would've know what you Really had to do To get through

All lyrics by Corey Landis
©2007 Corey Lee Landis, Landisongs


Iíll Never Buy You Flowers

Youíre negative
Always saying nay
Shouting expletives
At the people in your way
You keep puffing your Virginia Slims
As the planes hit the towers
And thatís why Iíll never buy you flowers

Youíre a wannabe
With your finger down your throat
Making fun of me
In a misspelled note you wrote
You establish relationships
Just to watch them sour
And thatís why Iíll never buy you flowers

Iíll buy you a birthday card
Iíll but you ice cream
Iíll buy you a Freud book
So you can analyze your twisted dreams

And Iíll buy you more shitty knick-knacks
To put on your shitty shelf
Iíll even buy you a length of rope
If you decide you should want to hang yourself

Because youíre doomed
To live life alone
Just you and your broom
And your sins for which you wonít atone
Iíve done my best to overlook
The awful things you do
But still
Iíll never buy flowers for you

The Wedding of the Century

I hate the way
Things are going today
Iíll say it tomorrow
As I did yesterday
You think youíre tired of the complaining?
Well, Iím tired of a life
Thatís draining me
Of my spark and curiosity
The headless horsemanís loose
And heís gaining on me

Iím failing left, right, and upside-down
Iím thinking Ďbout killing everyone in this town
We all have the best of intentions
When hopelessness is the mother of invention

Iím rotting from
The inside out
Yeah, that was the stench
You were asking about
Like a jack-o-lantern
A week after Halloween
My edges are curled
And my innards picked clean
And the candle that once lit my eyes
Has since formed a puddle
Speckled with dead flies

I know how you feel, the next roundís on me
You know this shitís gonna kill us eventually
Enough about you, letís talk about me
And will you be home for the wedding of the century


Today this town is filled with rain
Thank God itís not like this everyday
The raging wind, the cold and dark
Might as well have moved to New York

But the smell of wet pavement brings with it
Thoughts of dying Midwest dreams when it
Seemed to rain almost every other day
But still not enough to wash my blues away

The rain brings all the blackness to the ground
And the sky looks magnificent for fifteen minutes
It burns your skin but you donít make a sound
Ďcause thereís only one law in this town
And you best not break it:
If youíre not happy, well, you better learn to fake it

So Iím left wondering what Iím doing here
Spending too much money and another year
Thinking too much about whatís gone wrong
And trying to use it in another rip-off song

It seems Iím watching my life go down the tubes in this
Plastic crap factory of assholes and boobs
If I happen to make it, well, what would that mean?
That Iíve turned to shit like everyone else Iíve seen

The building was too old
It caught the wrecking ball
Like the starlet-turned-harlot
Selling cell phones at the mall
You forget why you came
You start doing whatever pays
The dreams start out looking the same
But in the end they break
In a hundred different ways

Junior High

Iím a fatass motherfucker
I wish you could see
That way youíd know
Itís not as easy as you think to be me
Then maybe youíd be a little more kind
And youíd try not to mind as much
When I say the things I do

See, Iíve never had had any professional help
Iíve only had myself
And Iím pretty good in a pinch
But sometimes thatís not enough
And my, how stuff builds up

I try harder than you know
Just to appear to be kind
And then itís misinterpreted
A lot of the time
Until Iím rendered a villain
A bad caricature of myself
All exaggerated features
A twisted little elf

Which just makes me want to be that
Or at least not try so hard anymore
Greatness has its downside
Just like blandness has its up

You see, Einstein couldnít balance his checkbook
Steven Hawkingís in a wheelchair
Jesus never called home
Lex Luthor had no hair

Well, we all know Iím not Jesus
Although some say I have his eyes
Iím just asking for a little leeway here
I think the timeís about right
Iím just begging for some understanding, dear
Because I never got over junior high

You & Your Six Sleeping Brides

Driving drunk again
Hoping somehow you hit a friend
Then you could talk about the old days
As the squad takes you away
And you meet your respective ends

Youíre on a suicidal mission
But your own death-defying vision
Seems to always pull you through
You hold your breath Ďtill you turn blue
But you just pass out in the kitchen

Oh son
All the things you had are gone
Your dreams never will come true
Theyíll all up and turn on you
Isnít it fun
To kiss the barrel of a gun
It makes you want to crawl inside
You and your six sleeping brides

You wonder how it got this way
You were fine just yesterday
But then the darkness settled in
And put an olive in your gin
And invited himself to stay

Thought you can finally see the light
But youíre a loser who canít fight
The things you think but never say
Never quite blow you away
But leave you wound up nice and tight

And my, my
How time does fly
You sit and watch
Life pass you by
You try and try
To take a stand
But youíre a paraplegic
In a one man band
Thereís no cymbal crashing for you
Ďcause youíve got no hands

Youíre wishing you were danger-prone
You pray to God when youíre alone
The ladderís always propped to the roof
But it seems youíre bulletproof
And everybodyís just chucking stones

Feeling up the furniture
You love how the splinters hurt
But the stinging always ends
But still lasts longer than your friends
And not quite as long as her

Standing naked in the mirror
Your one and only fear
You cut off all your moles
And pour lemon juice in the holes
And dare yourself to shed a tear

Model your new death-wish grin
Sit around inventing sins
When you finally feel inspired
Youíll head straight down to the fire
And theyíll all ask you where youíve been

Scene From an Alaskan Draft Board

Iíve got 60 different words
Reserved for unrequited
And a snowhouse filled
With popping pills
For the depressed
And the slighted

And a hole in the ice
That I use for
Peeping on the fishes
And a golden frame
Around a lion tamed
And a hat full of
Dirty wishes

I think you should know
Iím a different kind
Of Eskimo
I cast evil spells
And bark at your dogs
I donít like the cold
Or your homemade eggnog
You can sell me down the river
In the name of a girl
But Iím all Iíve got
In this cold fuckiní world

A tax is levied
Against eyelids heavy
Forced to close down
And leave this sleepy old town
Paralyzed limbs
Youíre riding on rims
Dead on arrival
In the game of survival

The truth stings
Just like the choir sings:
Big and echoey
And slightly out of tune
Filling shallow hearts
But never the room

I can barely fight for me
Why in the hell would I fight for you?
Find some other blood-thirsty stooge
To do what youíre too afraid to do.

Song For Mr. Novelli

Dangle your feet from the ledge
You think danger gives you an edge
In a town where the sun always shines
Like a high school cheerleader who smiles all the time

Beat you chest like all the rest
But donít put your theories to the test
Youíve been beat, but itís a yellow bruise
Keep saying you coulda been the next Tom Cruise

Youíre the awesomest dude in the neighborhood
Yeah, the awesomest dude in the neighborhood
Youíre the awesomest dude in the neighborhood
And donít you forget it

Your pagerís always on
But no oneís beeped you in years
Inside the Actorís Studio
Always brings you to tears

The Lego stage is set
Paper flags unfurl
The worldís your oyster
And youíre its cultured pearl

Go on and kid yourself, but this is your real life
With your retard kid and your fatass wife
Go on and wish yourself into a dream
But when you wake up
Itíll all be worse than it seemed

Something Good

So the building collapse
With our hands in our laps
Trying to write something good
Poison-pen letters
Could it get any better
Ďcause Iím trying to write something good

Iím a mediocre writer
Whose teeth could be whiter
And Iím trying to write something good
Wishing for disaster to strike
Or at least a tax hike
Ďcause Iím trying to write something good
and Iím told bad times make you write good

It seems Iím fucked
Ďcause I suck a duck
Iím a rusted out truck
Stuck in the muck of
Writing the same song again and again
Night after night losing a fight
With myself over copyright

Maybe Iím scared, but I probably donít care
Enough to ever write something good
Iím a wicked imposter way down on the roster
And Iím trying to write something good

So I drank some good absinthe and I bought a bad synth
Trying to write something good
I think Iíll blow my brains out right under the drain spout
Because I canít write something good
No, Iíll never write anything good


Where did you go?
Mustíve blinked too slow
The things I try to do you never see
And the words I try to say you never hear
Are calling long-distance tonight
My dear

And when they find you
Drinking in the blue
Will you run into the cellar and lock the door
Or will you uncross your arms and receive them?
Will you be so kin as to tell me you
Believe them?

Iím spinning wheels
Iím rolling on heels
Iím twiddling thumbs
Iím feeling dumb

Thatís all he wrote
A borrowed line, a borrowed note
But just know this one thing more
As I sing this, as you walk through the door
Forgive me for this song and more
Itís just I never missed anyone before

New Year

You rock your chair
And spin your wheels
Pull your hair
And try to feel
But youíre all alone
In the haunted house
You set the trap
But miss the mouse
And the clock ticks
As your teeth will sit
Floating in the jar

The time to
Pull away is gone
This townís just chess
And youíre a pawn
You fling your trash
And moan your blues
And thatís all you can seem
To stand to do
Your knees bruise
But thatís old news
And no oneís tuning in

So you smoke
To stay thin
As you go
Slowly round the bend
And you drink
In the wind
And you wait
For the end to the film that
Puts you to sleep
And leaves you
Bleeding in your seat
But you pray
For the chance
To come back
And try it again

Even with the scene youíre making
No one is taken in
By your
Righteous belly-aching
They all know that
Youíre faking it
Why donít you just keep quiet and go away

But the life that youíre stuck living
Has taken much more than itís given
I guess itís just the price you have to pay
For sticking around when no one
Wants you to stay

All the stars line up
And the wind, it turns
The dead rise up
And the sky burns
Fireworks fly up
To the sky
Flip the page on the calendar
Prepare to die
But youíre still here
In the new New Year
Though you donít
really know why

Tonight on FOX

Magicís biggest secrets
Finally revealed
And Iím still looking for a heartache
That conceals as it heals
And despite all evidence to the contrary
Please, now, donít be pissed
If I should accidentally let it slip
That Iím a recovering optimist

I think things are going to be
All right after all
Itís written in the leaves
Of your hometown in the fall
And though weíll never completely
Rid ourselves of all this bullshit
I think we can learn to survive
With our cups half full of it

Lights are gonna turn green
Liars are gonna come clean
Yeah, weíre all gonna say
Just what we mean
Can you see it?
Close your eyes and make believe
You see it
The time is gonna come when you will see it.

Thereís no poker in the cards
Fancy fingerwork, mystical movement
And a fake lock on the door
The truth
Is always
Just a curtain away
Take a look and you may
Change your mind and actually want to stay

All lyrics by Corey Landis
©2003 Corey Landis, Landisongs

14 OLD MESSAGES (2005)


I'm still fifteen in my mind
Still trying to put the past behind me
Hoping that when I see the light
At the end of the tunnel
It won't blind me

The time of postcards from friends has since gone
It seems everybody's all moved on from me
They say it's the way of things
So I'm trying not to let it
Bother me

But the penmanship in this book
Just gets crazier and crazier
Like Nixon when he hit Watergate
I fear that I'm becoming
Lazier and lazier
I'd like a steak
But I'm too tired to masticate

Where are all the fairweather friends
Who said they'd say,
"I knew him when".
I'd take fake pleasantries over bitter
Reality any day
After all, that's why I moved to L.A.

Going Home

I've been thinking about leaving town
I went back to where I grew up
And I saw an apartment for rent
Now I'm just looking for you to convince me
I ain't broke, just a little bent
Yeah, I need for you to keep me around

'Cause I've got lots of things left to do
And I can't do them in that broken-down place
Where everyone's old
And can't seem to place my face
And you settle comfortably into
Your sleepy, warm, wood-panalled Xanadu

I'd leave but I don't know where to go
I keep going home with less and less to show
And all the people I used to know
They don't seem to know me

And now the snow is inviting me to stay
But time's more noticeable
With the changing of seasons
I swear I see the results
But I can't find the reasons
Yeah, there's always something in my way

So Long

Right away
You take advantage of your right-of-way
Like you're a housewife and it's dollar days
You think you're here to stay

But underneath
You're ashamed of what you've been bequeathed
You think it's time the demons were unleashed
At anyone that's in your way

But all the times you thought you were right
You were wrong
So tonight it's time to say
So long

So drink it up
Like it's RC in a plastic cup
You try to figure where you fucked it up
But your short-term memory's gone

Your therapist
Says all-in-all she thinks she's got the gist
You want the knife but you can't take the twist
And you keep asking what you've done wrong

You're confused
You're messed up
You've got no business calling bluffs
No matter what you misconstrue
Your finger will always end up pointing at you

Homeless With Me

Let's give it all up
You and me
Let's see the parts of town
No one ever sees
Let's leave everything behind
Except for a note
We'll take a 99 Cent Store shopping cart
And put on all our coats

We'll pick poison berries
And aluminum cans
We'll make a fort from
An abandoned, rusted-out van

'Cause it can't get much worse
Than it is no
I've taken as much shit
As I can rightly allow
So tell the apartment, the car,
And the job that I'm leaving
'Cause I could sell my soul twenty times over
And still not break even

I'll survey my lair
From atop my particleboard chair
It'll be like we're Amish
With the homemade soap and the facial hair

Do you wanna be homeless with me?
Would you like to naps under a tree?
You'll always have all you need with you
And it's true what they say:
"It's a long way to the top"
But the bottom's not so far away

Confessions of a Cruise Ship Captain

Not enough hours in the day
To say the prayers I want to say
Time passes and I watch my sanity
Slip away

I think I'm gonna do something crazy
Like I always wished I had
My past is coming back to haunt me
And all the good times are going bad

I'm gonna blow up a building
I'm gonna fall to my knees
I'm gonna watch from the distance
As the clouds fall into the sea

What was together fell apart
Now I'm right back at the start
And I try to be forgiving but still
Bulletproof my heart

Maybe this place is slowly killing me
But it's the only place that I'd want to be
I may be suffering
Day to day
But it's better than pissing my life away

And I think it's great you're mentally-healthy
With a smile always on your face
But you must not be looking too closely
As you survey this place
'Cause this place is evil, this place is wrong
And I find it hard to go-along-get-along
And based on all the things I've seen
Chicken fingers aren't fine cuisine

My Baby Shouldn't Be Allowed to Drink

You slept on the bathroom floor
Mumbling to yourself
Billy Joel's "Big Shot" kept
Popping into my head

Another victim of trendy cocktails
And the thing air up there
In old Bel Air
You warmly embraced the porcelain
And wished aloud you were dead

You were fine at the party
Despite all the vodka-and-Red Bulls
But when you hit the car you were gone, quick as a wink
You said, "Call Topher up right away
And tell him he and Jeff Probst were
The hosts-with-the-mosts."

My baby shouldn't be allowed to drink
My baby shouldn't be allowed to drink
I'm holding her hair back as she vomits in the sink
And I'll stay right by her side
'Till she's in the pink
But my baby shouldn't be allowed to drink

Old Friends

Old friends, what'll we do?
'Cause something's changed here
And I can't tell if it's me or you
All we have anymore is the past
The plug's been pulled
And I'm wondering how long
The pulse will last

Everyone grew up and old
And fat and tired and slow and cold
Now they all live down on Memory Lane
Where they still tilt their heads up
To catch some rain

The only think they keep are their haircuts and trophies.

State of the Union

What is this world coming to?
Sea of red and hearts of blue
And you know it has something to do with you
Where did it all go South?
Who put those words in my mouth?
And how can we get clean from
The shit in which we're doused?

It was all used up years ago
We may still be steaming ahead
But the coals barely glow
So we spend time going back and forth
And to and fro
And we're still too afraid to find out
What's stowed below

There's a light on in the farmhouse
Just over the hill
The grass moves in the same wind that cools a pie on the windowsill

And kids are coming home from school
It's dusk in America
And there's nothing new left to do

But go through the motions and fall out of bed
Claim it's amnesia when you fuck up your head
And you can't recall where you're going
Or know where you've been
Just quietly passing through
Looking forward to the end

On this moonlit night
The sidewalk glows
Like it's the "Billie Jean" video
And I'm Mike with his old nose

And everywhere I step begins to shine
Lie down, I'll step on you
I'm gonna make you mine

You're all neon and pink
Like it's "Money For Nothing"
You're walking, you're tripping
A blue-streak you're cussing

If you think you're losing track of yourself
Well, so am I
But if I crawl into your warmth
I think I'll get trapped and die

How on earth did we end up here?
Another year, bobbing for crumbs
In a glass of beer
They're calling for a change in the weather
If not tomorrow
Then definitely next year

Because I'm reeling from the exhaustion
Of trying so hard
I'm just gonna let
Dandelions grow in the yard
But if I cut myself
Will you be there to catch the blood?
I'm full up on style but I'll take some
Substance if I could

Once I was Duran Duran
In the breeze, tan, on a boat
Now I'm gritting my teeth
With a perennial lump in my throat

But still, everywhere I step begins to shine
Lie down, I'll step on you
I'm gonna make you mine

The Other Shoe

I wanna strangle you
I wanna make you pay attention
So that you will have no doubt
About my true intentions

And in between your stifled screams
I'm asking you, I'm begging you
I'm not as bad as I seem
You know it's true
You know you do

But you just smile and say everything is fine
And it's comforting for a moment but I wish you'd stop
And as we go on about our day just killing time
You know I'll be waiting for the other shoe to drop

No, I don't think you quite get it
How deep my love is for you
I try in vain to make you see
You're in everything I do

But you're too quick with your reply
It's like a game show host's kiss
You're too eager to deny
That somewhere, something has been missed

Even people who live in the dark
End up bumping into things
You're circling like a shark
Who can't admit it's blood-thirsty feelings
And I'm living on the edge
Waiting for the push
Come on, honey, get on with it
I'll try to land in a bush

Springtime In Reverse

Drop me a line when you get this
Right me as soon as you've heard
What's become of me
And my disheveled mind
And the line that was once straight but now blurred
I'm aching to hear from you, darling
I'm in desperate need of a friend
Even the worms in my brain have all left me
With nothing but this message to send

Now don't get the wrong idea
Don't let your ego inflate
We had such a chemistry
That when we got together
We began to immediately disintegrate

But I'm still desperate to see you
I keep wondering how you are
And how it might've been If we'd just continued
Admiring each other from afar

I can just see your lips begin to purse
When reports flood in of the sick heart I nurse
And though they all said
You could've done worse
I know when we were together was like
Springtime in reverse

I'm gonna hit the bottom
I just don't know how soon
I start to hit the bottle
Each day around noon
You're in my nightmares
Between every scream
But more and more I see you
creep into my dreams

Drop me a line when you get this
Write me when you've hatched a plan
How to start this all up
Once again from the top
And not pull the same old shit again

I'm tired of cutting myself up
I'm tired of bleeding in vain
I'd rather have you and all the mud to tromp through
Then to never again have rain

You and Salieri

The negative has been flipped over
All your scars are on the other side
Everything's been turned inside out
And now there's no place left to hide
And you don't look familiar
Not even to yourself
The tide is in and you're buried in sand
Watching the waves leave with your wealth

And you're feeling far from merry
Drinking on Christmas with a ghost
Just you and Salieri
And a self-deprecating toast

Someone must've sneezed too hard
'Cause the facade is tumbling town
You think the maps must change every time it rains
'Cause you keep getting lost in this town
You're sleepwalking again with an itchy
Finger on the trigger
Wishing for someone to fall into you
As the hole inside gets bigger
Your wasted time flickers in the candlelight
In the periphery of the scene
Nearly out of view
But enough to remind you
To find a cliff off of which to careen
You're starting to think twice about underdogs
Like you never have before
You thought you were smart
But you're just the guy at the party
That keeps on talking 'till everyone's bored

Now the grass has been tucked in
Beneath a lumpy, white quilt
and you can see yourself in the stony eyes
Of the showman that you built
And you try to cultivate details
Out of the broad strokes
As you go around replacing batteries
In the things you know are broke


This whisky needs chasing
My throat is getting dry
My heart is racing
I think I'm gonna die soon
With just the cool breeze and the moon

Someone, bake a razor in my pie
So I can tunnel through
I can see you there
Without a care
Drowning in the dew

Running out of steam
Slowing to a halt
Creeping along
And I'm almost sure
It's not my fault

We're just like birds that nest in the stoplights
Just because it's warm
You don't mind the incessant blinking red
'Cause you're protected from all harm

All lyrics by Corey Landis
©2005 Corey Landis, Landisongs


Corey fittingly shares a birthday with Charles Bukowski and a deathday with Elvis Presley. Whether or not he chooses to admit it ...


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